Transforming India- Digital India

Transforming India- Digital India

Akash Kumar Sahu

In the 21st century, India is a rapidly developing country in the world, our nation busy in changing from the traditional structure into modern society by making different schemes. As we know India ranked as a 2nd largest populated country, so it is too difficult to provide better facilities to all Indian equally. So, People could not be able to acquire the advantage of basic facilities due to time and space constraints.

If we will notice, this era is totally credit goes to internet only. All the work is done computerized from which we can do our job effectively in a very short period of time without any hesitation. The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. Like neurons are connecting in all over the body, similarly, we all are connected by the internet. Even though India powerhouse of software, the availability as a powerhouse of electronics govt. services to the citizen are still comparatively very low, the national e-governance plan approve in 2006 has made steady process through mission made project & core ICT infrastructure, but the greater thrust is required to ensure effective progress in electronics manufacturing & e-governance in the country.

There might be many initiatives for SMART INDIA, But we also need smart citizens.

As compared to the other countries, India is slow in every process of initiatives, but after long gap our govt. gave its approval for DIGITAL INDIA- A program to transform India into digital empowered society & knowledge economy.

This is follow up to the key decision taken on the design the program during the meeting of PM Shri Narendra Modi on “DIGITAL INDIA” program on August 7, 2014, & to sensitize all ministries to this vast program touching every corner of the govt. This programme has been envisaged by Dept. of Electronics & I.T. The success of this program would be a dream come true in an order to create transparent, responsive govt. under the supervision of PM Shri Narendra Modi who get a chance to serving Indians with e-governance launched the ambitious “DIGITAL INDIA” program on Wednesday, July 1st at Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium in national capital New Delhi in the presence of leading industrialist. For this huge project approved worth (1.13 lakh crore) & target to be complete in 2019. The vision of digital India mainly centered in 3 key areas:

  1. Digital Infrastructure as a core utility to Every citizen
  2. Governance & Services on Demand
  3. Digital Empowerment of Citizens

Digital India provides the intensified impetus for further momentum & progress for the initiatives & this would promote inclusive growth that covers electronics services, products, devices, manufacturing & job opportunities. India in the 21st century must strive to meet the aspirations of its citizens & contribute towards a long-lasting positive impact. Actually, it is transformational in nature & would ensure that govt. services are available for citizens electronically, it would bring in public accountability through mandated delivery of govt. services, a unique ID & e­pramaan based upon authentic & standard based interoperable & integrated govt. application & databases.


By this citizen may improve their knowledge & skill level after getting covered under the umbrella of the internet. It is also an ambitious project will benefit everyone especially people who travel long distance & waste the time & money in doing paper works for various reasons. It is the most effective version with 9 pillars which are broadband highways, universal access to phones, public internet access program, E-Governance­reforming govt. through technology, eKranti-Electronic Delivery of services, Information for all, Electronics Manufacturing-Target NET ZERO Imports, IT for Jobs, Early Harvest Programs of existing national e-governance plan.

It’s a quite brilliant flagship programme to make India fully digital . also a great initiative of its kind. So people should have to smart & citizens must important to build the smart nation called smart India.for that internet must play a significant role in nation building and is the best path to connect citizens and also to every corner of the country technically. It aims to facilitate rural areas with high-speed internet networks by which will help in delivering govt.

Services digitally & also the development of digital infrastructure which is secure and stable, and universal digital literacy. the infra-facilities deals with mainly Cradle-to-grave digital identity, Participation in digital & financial space through mobiles & banking, Easy access to a Common Service Centre (CSC), and Shareable private space on a public cloud. The governance and services on demand provide seamlessly integrated services across departments or jurisdictions, services available in real time from online & mobile platforms, all citizen entitlements to be portable and available on the cloud, digitally transformed services for improving ease of doing, making financial transactions electronic & cashless, leveraging Geospatial Information System (GIS) for decision support systems & development.

We, people, are DNA of our nation, so both govt. & people are only responsible for creating such an environment fully digital. So let’s join our hands to establish a growth engine of a new India in every sector & proved that India is the world’s largest experiment in digitalization.


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