About GCE

Government College of Engineering, Keonjhar, formerly known as Orissa School of Mining Engineering, is a state run higher education institute. It is one of the most ancient and prestigious institutes of Odisha.  It stands gallantly amidst the lush green hills upholding the motto of “Gyanam Anantam” .

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The establishment of this institution is itself a revolutionary accomplishment and is a constant source of inspiration since its inception. It has proved to be an emerging arena of consistent development and has hosted events of national acclaim.  The students of this college have scaled heights in the respective fields of endeavor.

Our History

President's Message - Mr. Ajit Kumar Patra

I am delighted to reach out to you through the website of GCE, KEONJHAR Alumni Association. As we are all aware GCE, KEONJHAR is an illustrious institution that has positively shaped the lives of those who entered it’s portal. It is a fountainhead of support to many ambitious scholars who are in need of education and moral help as much as it is a perennial spring of learning for other students. The alumni of GCE, KEONJHAR are among the fortunate few who have had the opportunity to blossom in cosmopolitan ambiance amidst a rewarding academic environment. The alumni of GCE, KEONJHAR are spread across the world holding leadership positions. Let us, therefore, be discrete and righteous in our word and deed and strive to uphold the GCE KEONJHAR tradition of true love in all our endeavor.

Principal's Message - Dr. Trilochan Sahu

It gives me immense pleasure to present our alumni website where you can feel right at home. The students and staff members of this great institution constitute to achieve and make our community better. In an effort to foster and develop pride, prestige, and partnership among alumni, students as well as promote the legacy of our institution, we have started this website. The bottom line is that we want to keep the citizens of our prestigious institution GCE, KEONJHAR, connected. I express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to making this website. I thank the Alumni for their inspiration, motivation, guidance, and moral support.

PIC's Message - Mr. Soumya Ranjan Mallick

There is a purpose designed by God for every person. Every stage in our life is a fulfillment of that purpose. Our choices and decisions either draw closer to that purpose or pull us away. Family, friends and educational institutions are just motivational forces enabling us to achieve this purpose. The strides made by our college, to the accolades received and its illustrious journey are possible due to dynamic students. Every student who had walked into this portal of learning has left an indelible mark in its history by his/her commitment, attitude for social and holistic excellence. The alumni of our college are a strong force of building our nation. GCE, KEONJHAR Alumni association is a platform for all GCEians to connect, communicate and converge. I welcome all the students of GCE, KEONJHAR to be a part of this institution.

Our Vision
To create a bridge between institute and alumnus by being an integral part of the institute.
To act as a union among the alumnus of GCE, Keonjhar collectively working for the development of the institute.
  • To act as a forum for interaction of the Alumni of GCE, Keonjhar
  • To help & support GCE’s Alma Mater to improve Educational & Professional standards
  • To help & support needy meritorious students
  • To provide a forum for an exchange of technical & professional information within the members of the Association
  • To strive for improvement of the college
  • To provide, without remuneration, dissemination of knowledge and to undertake publication of journals, etc towards this goal
  • To help in vocational training and placement
  • To work for the well-being of the brotherhood as a whole & GCE, Keonjhar in particular.

Our Structure

Our Association is organized in the following manner

Mining Engineering
Patrish Mishra
Mining Engineering
Satya Prakash Naik
Computer Science and Engineering
Shubhajit Das
Mineral Engineering
Satyajit Sahoo
Civil Engineering
Smruti Sudeshna
Electrical Engineering
Sujit Patra
Electrical Engineering
Nitish Patel
Civil Engineering
Kaushik Debata
Computer Science and Engineering
Ananya Jena
Mechanical Engineering
Ankit Sahoo
Metallurgical Engineering
Ashrit Prasad Sathpathy
Mineral Engineering
Biswajit Kujur
Metallurgical Engineering
Debasish Sahoo
Mechanical Engineering
Dibyajit Parida


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